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Paula Holdt – The Low Carb Health Coach

Chew The Fat’s goal is to provide you with Low Carb Healthy Fat and Ketogenic nutrition education based on up to date, evidence based science. Personal health coaching for lifestyle change geared to reverse or prevent illness before a cure is needed. Providing information, support, inspriation. Your link to community based inspired livng

Paula Holdt

About Paula


My name is Paula Holdt, and I am a certified PreKure Health Coach with LCHF/Keto nutrition theory and practice training.

Training with PreKure, the belief is that Prevention is Cure. This approach is based on thriving, not just surviving.  Health Coaches are the current “missing link” in healthcare and Health Coaches will help people to make the lasting changes required to turn back the tide of chronic disease.

We believe that “Food is medicine” & “Lifestyle is medicine” and it’s my goal to provide you with a well formulated plan, focus and support to get you set to thrive.

Make contact with me to work one on one or in a team/cororate learning environment. Together we will create a plan that meets your requirements to improve your lifestyle, clean up your nutrition and live a well life.

Good health should be accessible to every one and our current dependancy on the public health system and antiquated guidelines are simply crippling the country and your health. Let me guide you, to take back control of your health by reversing disease and old behaviours to live a long life independent of medication and risk.

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