Did you know??

I have been tuning into the TVNZ series “How Not to get Cancer” on Tuesday evenings.

A really honest and insightful look at the preventative approach to cancer. As a PreKure trained Heath Coach we believe that Prevention is the Cure, that lifestyle is medicine and diet and exercise is a magic pill to reversing or stopping diseases.

Other than smoking being the biggest risk to getting cancer the next is obesity.

For me I see obesity as your bodies way of telling you that you have chronic inflammation which is a huge risk to your health. Inflammation is a major contributor to CVD, Diabetes, Brain Health, auto immune disease including infertility and your cancer risk.

The good news is that you CAN repair your body through diet, exercise and mindfulness.

I know this first hand and I want to help as many people as I can to NOT get cancer in the first place!

– Is your waist measurement above 90cm for women or 100cm for men?
– Do you have fatigue or lethargy?
– Is your brain in a constant state of fogginess?
– How’s your physical activity motivation?

Get in touch today to really start making an impactful reduction in your cancer risk!

Let me guide you through the change needed to make lifelong habit change to improve your health and lead you into a long and healthful life.

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