Corporate Health Coaching

Is your work force as productive and well as you would like? How can a Health Coach bring vitality back to your team?

Health coaches are the missing link to living long, productive and well as opposed to just living with reliance and dependancy and getting through the 9-5. Health coaching can enable your team to take control of their health outcomes with the power of knowledge and support, creating a positive, vital and productive environment to not only work in but to take away to all aspects of their life providing a great work/life balance.

Paula believes that,

‘lifestyle is medicine’ ‘food is medicine’ ‘movement is medicine’ ‘sleep is medicine’ & ‘connections are medicine’

Using prevention as a strategy to achieve life long health is a powerful tool to not only stop the onset of but also reverse and stabilise stress, auto immunity, metabolic dysfunction and disease. Through guidance, education, support and recommendations you can live the best life possible. Corporate coaching is in the form of professional development in the work space and can be tailored to a full or half day or even just an hour session. Paula can work with large or small groups, and either during the work week or an organised weekend day, depending on your needs. The sessions are all based around education with interactive components and of course, lots of fun.

Corporate Health Coaching

What does Corporate Health Coaching cover?

  • Eating for vitality and function
  • Behaviour and Habit change
  • Movement and fitness goals
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Stress management
  • Reversing health concerns and illness (Pre Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Auto immune diseases, Inflammation and pain, Skin disorders, recover from cancer, mental health)

What you get with Corporate Health Coaching

  • Paula will ask your team to fill in a pre-evaluation & consent form prior to your development day, then together during the day we will unpack your teams challengers and concerns and create individual and team plans going forward.
  • Recommendations and resource pack to get you team started with habit change.
  • Ongoing online and email backup and support.
  • Access to VIP support group.
  • Discount to online shop.
  • Discounts to one on one health coaching for any team member wishing to go further with their health.

How much does Corporate Health Coaching Cost?

  • Full Day – Up to 30 team members $500 Venue hire additional if not in your own work space
  • Half Day – Up to 30 team members $300 Venue hire additional if not in your own work space
  • 1 Hour Lunch time session – $150 Venue hire additional if not in your own work space
  • Resource packs are free
  • Access to VIP groups and support is free

To book Corporate Health Coaching or to ask Paula a few questions, email directly or fill out the contact form.