Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Have you ever been told

“I’m sorry but you have this, and here are some tablets to take to minimise the symptoms, and this will be your life from here on in”

Health coaches are the missing link to living long and well as opposed to just living with reliance and dependancy. Health coaching can enable you to take control of your own health outcomes with the power of knowledge and support.

One on one coaching with Paula to address any health concern you may have, be it, a medical diagnosis or lifestyle habit change, will help you achieve your goals and outcomes faster.

Paula believes that,

‘lifestyle is medicine’ ‘food is medicine’ ‘movement is medicine’ ‘sleep is medicine’ & ‘connections are medicine’

Using prevention as a strategy to achieve life long health is a powerful tool to not only stop the onset of but also reverse and stabilise auto immunity, metabolic dysfunction and disease. Through guidance, education, support and recommendations you can live the best life possible.

What does one on one Health Coaching cover?

  • Weight loss / LCHF menu planning
  • Low Carb / Ketogenic education
  • Patient advocacy
  • Behaviour and Habit change
  • Movement and fitness goals
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Stress management
  • Reversing health concerns and illness (Pre Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Auto immune diseases, Inflammation and pain, Skin disorders, recover from cancer, mental health)
  • LCHF for sport

What you get with one to one Health Coaching?

  • Paula will ask you to fill in a pre-evaluation consent form, once this is returned you will meet in person if based in the Taranaki area or via Skype to go through this form in your Initial consultation, together we will unpack your health concerns and create an individual plan going forward.
  • Recommendations and resource pack to get you started with habit change.
  • Follow up visit to assess and check in.
  • Ongoing online and messaging backup and support.
  • Access to VIP support group
  • Discount to online shop.

How long do I need one to one Health Coaching?

This totally depends on you. Some clients only need one session to get started, others enjoy a monthly check in and reassessment of their plan as the changes start to happen. At times Paula may refer you to a specialist that can better suit your needs and support you through understanding the medical language and process.

Paula recommends at least 3 sessions.

  • Initially planning session (1-2 hours)
  • Follow up at 2-4 weeks
  • Assessment check in at 6-8 weeks (where we may tweak and change a few actions for a better outcome).

Remember that support is key and once you engage with Paula you will have constant access to email support when you have questions or are unsure.

How much does one to one Health Coaching Cost?

  • Your initial consultation is $120 this normally takes between 1-2 hours
  • Follow ups are a 1 hour session and are $90
  • Resource packs are free for engaged clients
  • Access to VIP groups and support is free for engaged clients